Lemnos – Everlasting beauty

Lemnos’ history began in Shirogane-machi, Takaoka in 1947 as a brass raw casting manufacturer of Buddhist altar fittings for Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. Since 1997 Lemnos changed its policy to produce distinct products using original techniques and materials such as wood and plywood. Their aim is to offer consumers cutting-edge designs and timeless beauty.

Lemnos Kehai

Clocks keep time and create space. People glance at clocks countless times a day, often unintentionally; a good clock enhances the space it occupies, sometimes akin to a graceful flower and other times resembling a shiny gem.

With this concept in mind, Japanese design company Lemnos has introduced a wide array of high-quality items in collaboration with renowned designers. Lemnos products are rooted in the refined skills of craftsmen, who extract the finest qualities from the materials they work with. The outcome is a design that withstands the tooth of time. Their innovative designs and meticulously crafted products from Japan have garnered praise and earned numerous awards both domestically and internationally, including the Good Design Award.

Surviving the tooth of time

A clock serves the essential purpose of telling time reliably over a prolonged period. Yet, with prolonged use, it may encounter various issues, like stagnant hands, distorted dials, or shattered glass. Many people hold a deep attachment to their clocks, having owned them for an extended period. Repairing them becomes a strong desire, as they’ve become indispensable companions, hard to part with.

Lemnos sustainable repair

Lemnos strive to deliver sustainable quality and ensure that the clocks they manufacture are used for as long as possible. All Lemnos products are therefore designed to be repairable, thus allowing for maintenance. Lemnos even offer clock repair services regardless of whether a clock is within its warranty period or not. All you have to do is contact them and send in your clock.

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