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Alessi Coffee Makers

Alessi Coffee Makers. Brewing coffee is an integral part of enjoying coffee—it can be done with love, in various ways. Beautiful rituals deserve exquisite appliances, and that's precisely what Alessi designers have ensured. Our webshop has a big sister: www.allesvanalessi.nl. For the most extensive selection for the time being click here.

Alessi Kettles

We are currently loading the webshop with products. We have a big dutch sister who has it all: ww.allesvanalessi.nl. Click here

Alessi Machines

Alessi Machines. Electrical Appliances by Architects and Designers. See them all? Our webshop has a big sister: www.allesvanalessi.nl. For the most extensive selection plese click here.

Bar Accessories

Glass & Caraffe

Serving Trays

Serving Trays and Platters: Classic models are making way for contemporary designs. Explore our collection for more modern pieces here. Fruit bowls can be found in a separate category. Our webshop has a big sister: www.allesvanalessi.nl. Click here for the most extensive selection for now here.



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