Il Tornitore Matto: New series from Alessi full of Innovations

At Design Daily’s, we are excited to introduce Il Tornitore Matto, a fresh series from Alessi. This groundbreaking concept, born of the collaboration between Alberto Alessi and Giulio Iacchetti, marks the birth of an experimental design brand.

Il Tornitore Matto embraces Alessi’s rich history, weaving design, industry and craftsmanship into a unique collection. Inspired by the Wiener Werkstätte movement and the wonderful world of Alice in Wonderland, this series escapes the constraints of industrial production and gives free rein to human creativity.

Nine designers, including Lacchetti, participated in this first chapter of the Il Tornitore Matto adventure, where “poetic technique” is central. Each piece carries the year of production and a unique serial number, making them not only functional but also telling a story.

Il Tornitore Matto

The series is dedicated to lovers of applied art who love objects on the border of industry and craftsmanship.

“Italian design is built on its close relationship with artisans. We can’t really say Il Tornitore Matto is a new concept, except for the fact that this time, instead of a designer going to an artisan workshop to have his object made, it’s about an entrepreneur who wants to go back to his roots. Not out of nostalgia, but for the dream of a new result arising from a production technique that is short and sweet. A drawing immediately becomes three-dimensional without the mediation or filtering of a program of requirements, marketing department or sales office – all shackles that are sometimes pleasant to shake off.”

-Giulio Iacchetti

Discover the magic of Il Tornitore Matto at Design Daily’s. Add a unique piece to your design collection and be enchanted by this collection’s combination of tradition, innovation and creative freedom. Innovative design is waiting for you!

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