Cerapotta – Japanese-style coffee filter

Cerapotta keramisch koffiefilter

Japanese tradition meets technology

Discover the finest taste of water with Cerapotta. A permanent filter made of specially porous ceramic. The material gently filters the coffee in a natural manner across the entire surface. Crafted in Japan using traditional techniques, it features minuscule pores measuring just five microns in size.

When rain and snow descend upon the Earth, they percolate through layers of rock before resurfacing years later from springs and rivers. This natural process has been filtering our water for millions of years.

The Cerapotta coffee filter preserves the essence of this natural filtration process, wherein oils and impurities that contribute undesirable flavors and aromas are filtered out.. Whether you prefer strong or mild coffee, the Cerapotta brings forth the essence of your hand-ground coffee in a way you’ve never experienced before.

The ceramic filter is easy to clean-simply rinse it under the tap. The material is specifically chosen for its ease of maintenance and non-oxidizing properties, meaning it has less unwanted influence on the taste of the coffee. To keep the filter in optimal condition, it is recommended to clean it in boiling water once a month.

With the included stand, the filter fits most coffee cups and carafes, making Cerapotta an elegant complement to, for example, the Alessi Plissé Thermoskan.

Experience the taste of purified water with Cerapotta!

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